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 Suzanna is a true professional. She listens to your needs with her ears and mind, and then she finds others with her hands. Suzanna uses her knowledge of anatomy to identify and address individual issues and always with the perfect level of pressure. Top quality!! — SC, Chapel Hill

Suzanna Dupee has expertise in the area of sports massage that is unprecedented. She is extremely professional and always attentive to the individual client’s concerns. By far, she is the best massage therapist with whom I have ever worked and I now refuse to go to anyone else!” — JR, Chapel Hill

Occasionally one is lucky enough to experience a person that is truly gifted at what they do, and Suzanna is one of those phenomenal people. It’s hard to describe in words her incredible abilities. As others have noted, she’s attentive to what “you” need, and varies her touch to chase out tensions without discomfort. At times I feel like I’m a fine musical instrument being played by a master musician, or a mound of clay being serenely sculpted into a work of art.” — RE, Chapel Hill

“Other reviewers use the words “magical” and “intuitive” when describing Suzanna, and these are not at all understatements. I have been dealing with a chronic tendon issue for over three years. Suzanna’s approach has been targeted,consistent, specific, and creative…she really listens and has helped unlock the key to improved movement of my ankles and feet. I recommend her highly.” — RP, Carrboro

I think because Suzanna is an athlete herself, she has a deeper understanding of the athlete’s body and the most effective ways to release tension and soreness from training than many of the other massage therapists I have been to in the past. She’s absolutely fabulous, and I will recommend her to everyone I know!” — CW, Carrboro

“I worked with Suzanna last year as I prepared to run my first marathon, and honestly don’t think I could have pulled it off without her help. She knows all the deeply concealed areas of tension and soreness that plague runners, and can find an relieve problem areas you didn’t even know you had. I would highly recommend her to any weekend warriors out there, but also to the weekday office warriors dealing with back and neck problems.” — JAS, Chapel Hill

“The monthly deep tissue massage is a must for training. She is incredible at working out the knots and kinks, making the body feel whole again. As an athlete herself, she understands the mechanics of the active body. Add this to her pleasant personality and it makes for a nirvana like experience every month!” — MR, Chapel Hill

“Suzanna is a gifted massage therapist (and a heck of a sweet person) who has just the right touch for deep muscle work. As an endurance athlete, one of the best preparations for and recovery from an event is deep tissue work: I rely on her skills a week prior to and two days after every race. You should too!” — RK, Chapel Hill

“Suzanna is gifted. Each time I have walked out feeling humbled that someone can know the intricacies of my muscular system and its various temperaments better than me. I am amazed at how a gentle releasing of the physical tension, knots, and tightness allows for lightness in the mind/heart, which stays with me for days after the massage itself. All this should speak not only to Suzanna’s expertise, but also to the conduciveness of the environment at Suzanna’s, it is cozy, comforting, and definitely all about you. And of course, speaking (as I do) from the perspective of a graduate student, it is worth every penny. I have gotten the deep tissue massage for a very sensitive upper middle and lower back, which cause pain if aggravated in specific ways. I have never thought to get a massage for this purpose, assuming it was a luxury I didn’t need and that it would cause more pain than ease. My experience with Suzanna definitely affirms that it is possible to share/release this discomfort, and that doing so can surprise you at how ‘common’ what you have thought to be your own personal challenge really is. Very grateful to have found this.” — Client, Chapel Hill