May 28, 2020

Dear clients,

After gathering more information over the past days, I am sorry to say that I have decided to postpone announcing a re-opening date.

Even with my new protocols in place, there is no getting around the fact that massage and bodywork requires prolonged skin-to-skin contact in an enclosed space. As we begin to navigate life in the grey area — with a focus still on social distancing, reduced capacities, and boosting our local economies as safely as possible — it seems important for me to pause and get a clearer sense of the trends of this phase in our community before taking the next step. My revised plan is to re-evaluate two weeks into Phase 2 before making this announcement and scheduling appointments. I will keep you updated.

In the meantime, please read my new protocols so you have time to adjust and make an informed choice about resuming sessions. Some of these changes will feel quite different and will take some getting used to, but I believe we can do it! Most importantly, if you have a concern or question about anything here, please contact me. “We’re in this together” — this phrase is a little overused these days, but it’s so true.

Please know that my electronic door is open. Many of us rely on massage to keep our bodies going, and some of us are in a lot of pain right now. I am still here and I can still help. I am available for phone or video sessions to help problem-solve, teach self-massage or stretching techniques, or even to help you find resources. I can also talk things through via email. Just say the word.

• • •
Big hugs,